Be Nice to Nettles Week
  a CONE initiative

14 - 25 May 2014

Almost everyone is familiar with the nettle having experienced its formidable sting. To many it is a troublesome weed that should be eradicated wherever it is found. This point of view has only recently developed. Indeed the humble nettle has played, and continues to play, an important role in the natural world...

The NettleThe Nettle
Where does the name come from? How does it sting? Find out here.
Nettles and WildlifeNettles and Wildlife
Take a look at the wildlife of the nettle patch.
Nettles and PeopleNettles and People
Discover how we have utilised the nettle for food, clothing and medicine.
Nettles today...Nettles today...
What are we doing with the nettle today? - and what might we do tomorrow?

Nettles today...Nettles in the news
Take a look at some of nettley stories that appear in our newspapers and on our television screens.

Get involved in Nettle WeekGet involved in Nettle Week
Find out what you could do during Nettle Week - and the rest of the year for that matter.
Nettles Week EventsNettle Week Events
See what's happening near you or register your own activity.
Nettle Week SupportersNettle Week Supporters
A listing of the organisations and individuals that support Nettle Week.
Nettles Week LinksNettle Week Links
Take a look at the web sites of our supporters and other nettle related sites.
Nettle Fun and GamesNettle Fun and Games
Try your luck at True or False? or enter our nettle art competition.


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