Be Nice to Nettles Week
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“Stinging nettles give us an insight into both the capacity for nature to flourish even in some of the hardest urban conditions, and how plants are essential in providing us with some of the neccessities of life.

Not only do they provide excellent food for some butterflies and moths, but we can make tea from their leaves, use them as dyes, and once stung we will never forget their power to protect - as good a piece of environmental education as any.”

Mathew Frith
Urban Advisor, English Nature



Cramlington Comma Survey

 Comma - Polygonia c-album 
 Copyright Alan Barnes
© Alan Barnes
We are interested to see how quickly the Comma butterfly is spreading northwards.

If you do see commas in and around Cramlington please complete the form below and then click on the submit button. Please submit one form for each time you see a Comma.

Don't worry if you don't live in Cramlington we'll take the reports from wherever you are!

You may also like to visit the Butterfly Conservation website to participate in the Garden Butterflies Count

If you want more information on recognising the butterfly visit our Comma page.

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Did you know?
Native American braves would flog themselves with nettles to keep themselves awake while on watch.
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