Be Nice to Nettles Week
  a CONE initiative
“This is another clever initiative from CONE. It makes us think twice about the common yet important wildlife on our doorstep.

At Butterfly Conservation, being nice to nettles comes as second nature to us - we love them! Not only are nettles good for butterflies like Red Admiral, Comma and Peacock, they also have so much to offer to other wildlife. Our thanks go to CONE for increasing our awareness of this familiar and incredibly useful plant.”

Charlie Rugeroni
Butterfly Conservation - the leading organisation for the conservation of butterflies nationally



Spectacle - Abrostola triplasia

 Spectacle - Abrostola triplasia 
 Copyright Roy Leverton
© Roy Leverton
In its typical resting position with wings clasping a twig the Spectacle is well camouflaged resembling a broken branch.

The Spectacle is common and widespread throughout the UK being found in woodlands, commons and gardens where it frequently visits Buddleia and Valerian flowers.

The adults emerge in May from pupae that have overwintered and can be found until about mid July. Sometimes there is a second brood in the southern part of the UK that can be found on the wing between July and September.

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Did you know?
Roman soldiers posted in Britain were reputed to have brushed their limbs with nettles so the stings would warm them in the cold climate!
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